April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

If you don’t have the time, energy or cheeto supply for office pranks, sit back and enjoy the work of others this April Fool’s Day!


1. This co-worker’s day was just foiled.


2. That’s a wrap.

office pranks

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3. The office version of a ball crawl.

office version of a ball crawl

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4. It’s alive.

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5. Clean up in cubicle 5.

packing peanut office prank

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6. You’ve just been Hoffed. Hasselhoffed.

Hasselhoffed office prank

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7. One of these balloons has $5 inside. Good luck finding it.

office balloon prank

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8. Sleeping at work sucks.

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9. Thirsty?

office paper cup prank

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10. 3M would be proud.

post it note prank

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11. Everyone loves Nicolas Cage.

nicholas cage prank

Photo: mashable.com


12. Quite an entrance.

air horn office prank

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13. Your call cannot be completed at this time.

office rubber band prank

Photo: Matt Reinbold via Flickr (furryscalyman)


14. Better than a whoopie cushion.

coworker airhorn prank

Photo: officemeetingfail.com


15. Hang in there.

coworker desk prank

Photo: worldwideinterweb.com


16. The classic “Bear in the Cubical” prank, of course.

bear in a cubicle prank

Photo: buzzfeed.com


17. And the master of all Office pranks… Jim (vs. Dwight).


If you must commit your own April Fool’s prank today in the office: keep it clean, remember that social media preserves everything online forever, know your audience and please don’t get yourself fired (although, if it happens, we got your back finding your next job)…
Also, be sure to send your pranks to us on Twitter!


Happy April Fool’s Day!

Last Updated: June 27, 2017
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