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Why Game of Thrones is the Real Motivator in Your Life


Spoiler Alert: Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched season six and have intentions of doing so.


Like most of the world, I spent my Sunday nights watching "Game of Thrones." I don’t know about you, but after almost every episode this season I walked into work Monday morning ready to work!


While we are all still picking up our jaws from the ground after the season six finale aired, here’s a list of all the ways the (remaining*) Stark family has motivated us to get shit done at work (and in your real life.)


A new three-eyed raven.

His storyline finally got good this season. Bran might be paralyzed from the waist down but don’t count him out just yet. He has a window to the past and insights others can’t see – Bran’s strength is knowledge. Know that despite your hindrances you have the ability to succeed. Your path is going to have bumps along the way, but how you handle them is where you need to focus your attention. Just because your life hasn’t turned out the way you expected doesn’t mean it’s not exactly where you should be.

game of thrones bran


A girl has a Name.

Arya definitely made a name for herself this season. She has been on her own since her father’s death in season one and bounced around a lot with no one to truly count on, or trust. For every thought of “I can’t do this,” channel your inner-Arya and remember that you can count on yourself. You are stronger than you think and can do anything with a little determination (and a different face).

game of thrones arya


The red-headed ringer.

Let’s be serious, we all thought Sansa was a sure goner after her beloved Joffrey died. But she came back with a vengeance this season and who is to blame her? Sansa has grown into a fierce and confident Stark by focusing on her end goal - to be back in Winterfell with her family.  Focus on the future, your strength will come from pushing your limits and never losing sight of your ultimate goals. Not to mention, Sansa is the definition of strength for every girl in a bad relationship to get out of it!


game of thrones sansa


Jon. Snow.

He died, came back to life, watched his brother die steps away from saving him, then almost dies again... and now he’s king of the north. Jon Snow is the true definition of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” While everyone, and everything, seems to be working against you just remember that you are only getting stronger. And despite your title or position, right now – you will not be there forever. Hold your head high and never stop fighting for what you know you deserve.

game of thrones jon


Bonus motivator.

She’s not a Stark, but Lyanna Mormont was named after Lyanna Stark. And as a 10-year-old ruling an entire house and army she’s not scared of a single thing. Against most odds, this little firecracker has shown us that your age, experience, or education doesn’t define who you are or what you can do. If you can surround yourself with good people, use your voice, and be willing to take risks, everything will pay off in the end.

game of thrones lyanna


Granted I can’t sword fight nor do I own dragons (however, I am looking for a dire wolf if anyone knows where I could get one) and my life is not an episode of “Game of Thrones” – we can all learn a little about perseverance and defying odds from the show.


Take control of your future, own your voice, and become a badass in your career and in life. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do, or who you are to become.


*Rickon was not included even though he was alive most of season six because he did not zig-zag and I have yet to forgive him.


Last Updated: June 28, 2016
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