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Just Say NO: Shortcuts for Work-Life Balance


#Work-life balance has been a hot topic (for decades now), since most of us are juggling multiple roles at home #and work. It impacts our job performance (and ultimately, our health and our personal lives). Being burned out isn't good for anyone. It's not easy to re-balance an unbalanced work-life situation, but we found a few ideas around the web that you can put into practice quickly.


"Protect your private time" and more simply easy tips!

Consider whether you can outsource any of your time-consuming household chores or errands. Could you order your groceries online and have them delivered? Hire a kid down the street to mow your lawn? Have your dry cleaning picked up and dropped off at your home or office? Order your stamps online so you don't have to go to the post office? Even if you're on a tight budget, you may discover that the time you'll save will make it worth it


When you're away from work, be away from work. This is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do, but it's so important. When it's time to stop working, I encourage you to shut down your computer, close the office door, and step away -- both physically and mentally. That means no compulsively checking your email on your phone when you should be relaxing with your family! Make the decision to be present in the moment and enjoy your life.



Last Updated: August 4, 2017
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