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Summer Break Doesn’t Mean Vacation. Keep Your Summer Job Search Active!


Just because the sun is shining, and it’s warm and inviting outside, there is no excuse to take a break from your summer job search. After all, your competition is not taking a break and positions will most definitely continue being filled.


Summer has many distractions for the job seeker and even more temptations. Not only are you more distracted and less motivated to job hunt, so too are hiring managers. They don’t want to spend long hours pouring over cover letters and resumes, or checking references. They want to take vacation. They want to spend evenings and weekends with their families. They want to actually read a book, cover to cover… for pleasure! This makes it even more important that the work you do during your summer job search gets you noticed and – even better – interviewed.


Instead of checking out for summer, use these months to really make the most out of yoursummer job search:


Stress the Basic Interview Skills
• Make and maintain eye contact as soon as you meet the hiring manager.
• Firmly shake hands with the interviewer and be sure to smile often, but appropriately.
• Be sure you do your homework before the interview. Know the basis for interview day – your route, expected traffic, parking. Also, research the company and understand clearly how you would fit into it.
• When interviewing be assertive about what you have to offer to the company, and afterwards, remember to send a thank you card.


Stay Positive
Don’t blame yourself if you are working hard, but not landing as many interviews. Key decision makers schedule their summer vacations around each other, so the hiring process may take much longer than expected. Don’t get discouraged; Instead, continue applying, take extra time to personalize your cover letter and remember to follow up (without being annoying).


Create an Elevator Speech
Have a very concise personal statement about who you are, what you can do for the company and what you have accomplished so far in your career. This statement needs to be memorized, but delivered genuinely.


Be Assertive
Be assertive in your answers to the hiring manager. It is up to you to make the manager see that you are the right person for the job. Let them know how motivated you are by the way you respond to their questions. Do this with the tone of your voice, the expression on your face, body language that indicates you are sincere, yet assertive.


Move your job search outside!
Your days of endless resume emailing from your kitchen table or indoor office are over. Discover a new coffee shop with outdoor seating, find a quiet outdoor patio or take Fido along to your favorite park (with a mobile hotspot, of course). Just because you’re job searching does not mean you can’t take advantage of the beautiful summer weather. Pack up your things and get some of that delicious vitamin D… just remember your sunscreen!

Last Updated: June 27, 2017
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