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No, Internet, I will NOT Quit my Job


We (yes, me included) have what I like to call “first world problems.” This millennial generation has the opportunity to throw in the towel anytime we are unhappy with something in our lives, and it seems like no big deal because there are other options out there.


I get it, internet bloggers and career experts, you want me to quit my job and follow my passion. Because that is the only want to be truly happy in your life. (That was sarcasm in case you didn’t pick up on it.) Loving what you do is important, but there are more important things like having a place to live, paying bills on time, and eating.


That job with competent insurance, fair pay, and free lunch just isn’t helping us make your mark on the world, so we feel okay about quitting on a whim knowing somewhere out there our passion will combine with a money-making career. We just have to find it.


Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook based on comparing girls’ looks on his college campus. You think his passion was a knock off “Hot or Not” website? I think not, but he worked his ass off to make it what it is today and I’m sure he found passion in it along the way.


I’m not saying that someday I won’t pursue my dream of living among the giraffes, or traveling to all the destinations on my bucket list, I’m just saying not right now. My job, that I happen to like and do well, is the foundation for making that happen. Someday.


Until then, millennials, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to travel the world in your 20’s strapped for cash, staying in hostels, and hoping that berry you just ate isn’t poisonous. Because what’s amazing about having a full-time job right now is:


You feel empowered living on your own. Not having to ask parents, or friends, to “borrow” money, because the reality is they probably won’t get it back.


It’s relaxing to know your rent is paid. You don’t have to worry about coming home every night and dodging your landlord.


It’s exhilarating to be able to walk into work not having to ask your boss for an advance because your rent is due and your parents are all cashed out.


It’s liberating to go on vacations you enjoy because you don’t have to worry about being able to afford them.


And it’s exciting to think about your future whether it be for taking time off to travel, finding your passion, or living with giraffes.


So please, internet, please stop insinuating that I must travel the world in my 20’s or I should quit my job because it isn’t my passion. I am just trying to navigate this whole adulting thing, and for now, it’s more than enough for me.

Last Updated: May 24, 2017
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Cally Martin

Callan is a social media loving, blog writing, event planning freelancer who believes in the power of the oxford comma. Originally from America’s high-five (Michigan), she’s been in Austin since 2015 and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. When not attached to WiFi, she can be found running around the lake or drinking mimosas at brunch.