Stress Less and Ace Your Next Interview


Unless you went into the family business or lucked into a sure thing at a company, odds are you have been through some sort of interview process. It can be daunting and nerve-wracking, but being prepared will help ease your nerves.


There are many types of interviews, so what are some of the best ways to prepare for each? Below are some of our helpful hints!


Phone screenings are typically the first obstacle you have to get through, and if you are like the other millennials in the world, you have probably actually talked to someone on the phone a total of four times in your life and it was likely because your mom called you. Talking on the phone might seem like a foreign concept, but this is not the time let that show.


If your first impression is going to be on the other end of phone call you need to exude confidence and personality without over-playing it. Practice by (finally) calling your mom and talking to her for more than 30 seconds. Have her ask you questions until you feel comfortable answering in a calm and professional manner.


Pro tip: Smile during a phone interview. No, they can’t see you, but they will hear it in your voice.


If you are applying out-of-state, a Skype® or FaceTime® interview might happen before an in-person meeting. The main thing to remember during these interviews: They can see what you are doing (and what’s in the background)! Unlike being on a phone call, the interviewer can tell if you are painting your nails or checking your email. Be sure to show them you are focused and prepared.


Multi-tasking might be a great attribute for the job, but they need to see that you are taking this seriously. Like a phone screen, this is the first time where they can see you and how you are reacting to each question.


Pro tip: Be sure to dress the part. They might only see you from the waist up, but you’ll feel more confident dressing for it as if you were meeting face-to-face.


Now that you have made it through what might be the worst part of the process, it’s time for the In-Person interview. If you’ve made it this far, your skills and knowledge are probably on par for the position, so the in-person meeting is a chance for the company to get a feel for your attitude and how you will mesh with the company culture.


The company might throw some curveballs and you could end up interviewing with a few different people, even the CEO. You might even be surprised with a “panel interview” that feels like you’re auditioning for “American Idol.” Remember to breathe, keep your cool, and stay positive.


Pro tip: Ensure you bring extra references and resume copies, notepad and pen, your portfolio, or anything else you’ll need related to the position or company.


You might have to fake some confidence to make it through, but who hasn’t?!


Last Updated: May 24, 2017
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