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Even though Web traffic from mobile devices continues to increase and roughly 75% of job seekers have used a smartphone in their job search over the past year, many users are still wondering how to find and land their dream job from their phone. Understanding how to correctly use a mobile job site and appropriate on-the-go application etiquette can greatly increase your odds of succeeding in your mobile job search.


How-to: Mobile job search
Your mobile device is a valuable tool in your job search – but you already knew that. What you may not know is how to translate your job search from your desktop to your mobile device.

Use these steps as a guide to your mobile job search:

Jobs2Careers mobile job search resultsJobs2Careers mobile job search results


Similar to a desktop, you may specify your search results by using keyword (“what”) and location (“where”) filters.

Your keyword can target a specific position, company or industry. Location can be determined by city, state or zip code.

Mobile users are more likely to use shorter keyword phrases in their search. If you’re not seeing the results you anticipated, try broadening your search phrase or making sure your keywords resemble what you would typically search for on a computer.

Sort your results by relevancy according to your search query or date to show the most recent postings first.

Click each of the job postings to view more job details and for instructions to apply.


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Interested in one of the positions you found?

Click “Apply” to visit the company’s website and complete the application process.

Input your email address and click “Apply Later” to send this posting to yourself (or a friend!) to apply to from a computer.

Keep reading for tips for when to apply now from your phone or later from a desktop.

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Mobile job search etiquette 

  • First and foremost, only apply on sites optimized for mobile applicants! When using small screens not adjusted for touch, it can be very difficult to navigate and complete necessary fields. Instead, email yourself the job listing for future reference from your desktop computer.
    • That being said… Just because a site is optimized for mobile does not mean that you should apply to every job this way. In some cases, like jobs with long application process or requiring sensitive information (ex. SSN), it is still better to apply from your desktop. Also, because mobile users are highly susceptible to distractions and usually on-the-move, email the job posting for later if you don’t have the time or mental alertness to concentrate.

Decided to go for it? These tips will make your mobile application process even easier:

  • Keep a cover letter and resume in your email drafts for easy editing and submission.
  • Edit your mobile email signature! “Sent from your iPhone” is not the way to land an interview.
  • Keep an email template for interview thank-yous and other follow-up scenarios. This way, even if you’re on-the-go, you’ll never forget your follow-up.
  •  Use your mobile device for NETWORKING, NETWORKING, NETWORKING! With mobile apps like LinkedIn, you can continue to build working relationships and connections that will help you land the job.

Still have questions? Check out this video tutorial for information on online job searching with Jobs2Careers. And, as always, feel free to leave questions or comments below or tweet us at@Jobs2Careers.

Last Updated: June 27, 2017
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